Green Party Candidate for Carleton

Gordon Kubanek is a professional engineer who earned his Master's of Chemical Engineering at McGill University before spending most of his career as a high school physics teacher. He is the proud father of three daughters and lives with his wife on a hobby farm near Kars in the riding of Carleton, which he has called home for 15 years. He and his wife are committed to living sustainably and to that end have eliminated fossil fuels from their lives — driving electric cars, heating and cooling with geothermal energy, and having a roof covered in PV panels. He is currently taking care of his bees and tending crops of garlic and honey while he writes books and articles on the environment.

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Canada has changed in the last decade, and we need to work together to take our country back.

When we elect Gordon Kubanek as our Member of Parliament, he will be free to work with all parties to:

  • Make life affordable by ensuring all Canadians have access to high-quality public services that serve them and their family.

  • Invest significantly in public transit, which is a proven method to significantly slash carbon emissions while also helping hardworking Canadians get to work, home, and play faster and cheaper than commuting by car.

  • Address our mental health epidemic by advocating for research that identifies root causes and funding crisis services that help those most in need.

  • Create high-skill, high-paying jobs especially in the green technology sector, which has a strong track record for creating prosperity that is sustainable over the long term.

  • Ensure that Canada meets our Paris Accord commitments by pushing for significant changes in everything from the infrastructure projects we approve to the way we manage our natural resources.

Gordon Kubanek is gathering votes from people of all political stripes, and with momentum on his side it's looking very good for a Green win here in Carleton.


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